Wecome to the Dance Company of Wylie's competition teams


Our youngest team, this group of 4-5 year olds dance an average of 2 hours per week and are learning the basics of ballet, jazz, and tap dance.  They are preparing for a future at competitions and get the very exciting opportunity to attend events with older company members. 



Tiny Company is a preparatory company that works on studying dance at a basic competitive level and on learning the drive and ambition a competitive dancer must possess to succeed.  This is a fun, excited and energetic group of dancers who represent the future of Dance Company of Wylie.



Although this is one of our youngest competitive teams, this group of dancers spends an average of 7 hours per week in dance class preparing for a strong future at Dance Company of Wylie.  All members study tap, ballet, and jazz and most add other dance styles including musical theater, lyrical and hip hop.  



Tween Company is comprised of dancers learning the skills necessary to compete in the dance industry.  At the Tween Company level more time, energy, and commitment is required to succeed.  These dancers take an average of 8-10 hours of dance per week and are learning the value of hard work.

Teen 1-5681.jpg

Teen 1

The Teen 1 Company prepares dancers for competition at the intermediated level..  This is a competitive team and each dancer takes an average of 5 hours of dance technique per week and has the opportunity to participate in our tap, musical theater, and hip hop companies.


Teen 2 Company

Teen 2 company is made up of dancers who are beginning to focus on individual performance processes and technical skills.  Dancers are encouraged to advance their individual abilities and push their physical and performance limits. At this level, dance is no longer an activity in which we merely have fun but rather a challenging and rigorous lifestyle that promotes the exploration of the physical and mental self and the use of movement as expression. 


Junior Company

Junior company are encouraged to push beyond their physical and artistic boundaries to create a stronger person, artist, and dancer.  This is a unique and diverse team that is setting the stage for a future career in dance.  


Bass Battalion

Bass Battalion is a unique group of motivated boys ranging in age from 5-18.  They are an award winning hip hop crew.  The boys also perform jazz, and many participate in additional companies learning ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary styles of dance.


Senior Company

Senior Company is composed of a group of serious dancers, competitors, and artists aged 13+.  These dedicated students compete, teach, and take classes in several forms of dance and are on the way to becoming professionals in their art.