Pre Company     
  8-10 Year Olds    
 Jazz & Hip Hop  



Our Pre-Company Jazz, Tap, and Ballet classes are preparatory classes for young dancers interested in joining one of DCW’s Tiny or Mini Companies.
In these classes, dancers will learn jazz, tap, and ballet techniques required to practice in order to be successful in our companies.
These are technique only classes and do not perform in our annual recital.



Our Ballet/Jazz class (ages 8-10) provides our older starting dancers the opportunity to learn basic techniques in both jazz and ballet in a single class. 
Basic techniques consist of turns, leaps, body alignment, body positions, and center work. 
Dancers enrolled in this class will have 2 recital dances. 



In our Jazz/Hip Hop classes, dancers will learn basic jazz technique while utilizing the latest pop-culture stylized movement accompanied by current up-beat music. 

These classes are taught according to the general ability level and age of the students. 
These classes will perform one recital dance.


Lyrical classes provide our dancers with practices in contemporary technique (a blending of jazz, ballet, and modern) while using the music for performative guidance. 
Techniques practiced are based on the general level and age of the students. 

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